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Ansan Street Arts Festival

Ansan Street Arts Festival is street arts gala as a part of performing arts, which started in 2005 at Ansan and held in every May. It is a representative street art settling and telling about such citizens’ daily life stories in Korea as dramas, performances, dances, music, and multiple arts staged on common meeting grounds. This event is held in the Ansan Cultural Square and several places with the thirteenth life stories from May 5th to 7th, 2017 for three days.

Event Outline

  • Period : May 5th, 2017(Fri)~May 7th(Sun)
  • Location : Ansan Culture Square area
  • Participating Group : 76 works of 14 countries


  • Opening·closing performance : Performance of representative street art work marking
    opening and closing of the festival
  • Ansan Research : Street arts comprising citizens’ stories of busy life in Ansan
  • Official Program : Performance of street arts trend, vision and its potentiality
  • Korea-UK Exchange Program : Exchanging performance in the field of performance arts
    between Korea-UK
  • Street Arts Platform : New artists’ performance based on unique and original efforts
  • City of Clown : Various clowns’ convivial playing from a time-honored tradition to the present generation.
  • Blue Liberty Area : Meeting with city culture and street arts


  • Pre-Program : The beginning of the festival! An official entry and Ansan Research works
    will be performed in advance.
  • Ansan International Symposium for Street Arts
  • Citizen Version 2.0 : Simultaneous convivial performances by Ansan civil arts groups
  • Square Microphone : Square Public Reading&Ansan Microphone
  • City Playground : Playing ground in the midst of city


  • Youth Arts Direct Distribution4989 : Art market to encourage art activities by supporting
    local young artists.
  • Food Cultural Street : In connection with 2017 food competition event, daily schedule of Asian.