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Ansan Street Arts Festival·ASAF 안산국제거리극축제 2019.5.4.SAT-5.6.MON, Ansan Culture Plaza·Around Ansan City, 17 Countries 67 Programs Ansan Street Arts Festival (ASAF), first started in 2005, is an arts performance festival held every May in Ansan.
It is Korea’s representative street arts festival that uses streets and plazas as a stage to convey the stories of the lives of the citizens
through various performances such as drama, performance, dance, music and interdisciplinary arts.

Performance Program

Ansan Research 안산리서치
Production support programs
about the stories of Ansan city and the people
Official Program 공식참가작
Unrivaled level of completion and speciality!
Street artworks from various countries and diverse genres
ASAFringe ASAF프린지
Feel the charm of new artists!
Pieces that convey the vision and potential of street arts
City of Clown 광대의도시
A playground encompassing all eras,
comedic clown performances
No-Boundary Zone 무경계지대
Let’s dance, make noise and play!
A free-zone which breaks down and transcends the boundaries of genres

Planning Program

City Playground 도시놀이터
Space for play and rest created in the center of the plaza
through the citizens’ artistic participation
Citizen Version 4.0 시민버전4.0
A pleasant location where performances by Ansan civil art groups
are held simultaneously
Street Arts Forum 거리예술포럼
The street arts forum mainly aim for future development of street arts,
inviting domestic and international producers, artists and experts.
Youth Arts Market 4989 청년예술직판장4989
An art market to support young local
artists and encourage artistic activities


Pre-performances take place in various locations within Ansan to allow citizens to enjoy the diverse works.
Audiences can get a taste of new excitement in life through the performance by different entertainers.