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연결링크 | Connecting Link

  • Artist

    리브레호벤 libre joven
  • Genre

  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. (Fri) 8:30pm / Street
    • - 5. 6. (Sat) 9:30pm / Street
    • - 5. 7. (Sun) 4:00pm / Street
  • Cast and staff

    연출: 양호식 안무: 양호식. 양성식 출연: 양호식, 양성식, 김영민 리허설디렉터: 하정현


You and I, Disconnection and connection are expressed with body. Connecting spot is compared to the nature of magnet and interrelationship is defined as a large ring. These conflicts, confrontation and attachment are presented with body gestures.

About Team

Libre Joven means ‘unrestrained youth’ in Spanish language. It is a spiritual group to understand gesture as fresh spirit. It is energetic and communicative with gesture and body languages without restraint in any forms by connecting with modern dance and acrobat as well as body contact, Break dance boy and others.