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묘지에서 소풍을 | Picnic in Cemetery

  • Artist

    포인트뷰 예술협회 Point View Art Association
  • Genre

  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. (Fri) 7:30pm / Street
    • - 5. 6. (Sat) 8:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 7. (Sun) 7:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 4. (Thu) 8:30pm / Street
  • Cast and staff

    Composer/ Music Director/ Piano: NJO Kong Kie Violin: HONG Hat U Cello: WONG Ka Fai Performer: WONG Iok Kuan Space and Lighting Designer: FONG Kwok Kie Gabriel
    Producer: KUONG Wa Fun, Erik
    Production: Point View Art Association
    International Representative: Creative Links


Picnic in the Cemetery juxtaposes the macabre with the whimsical in an abstract expression of our collective journey through the passage of time. Quirky and evocative, this concert-theatre featuring original compositions for violin, cello and piano is an invitation to muse about dying, but more importantly to reflect on living.
At the core of this work is the performance of original chamber music set for violin, cello and piano, and can be enjoyed as such. But the production is in fact a concert, a spatial installation, a theatrical performance and a filmic experience rolled into one - Concert as Theatre.
Although there is a general theme unifying the work and there are texts projected as invitation for reflection, no specific story is being told. During this collective journey, the audience, their imagination being stimulated by what they hear and see, but even more so by what they feel, will each form a unique narrative specific to their own experiences.

About Team

“Folga” is a Portuguese word meaning “day off”, and the uniquely Macanese colloquial expression “folga gaang” refers to an extra work shift assigned to personnel of the disciplinary forces on their day off. The tongue-in-cheek name for The Folga Gaang Project, established by the Macau-based non-profit arts association Point View Art, comes from the fact that Njo Kong Kie, although now based in Canada, is spending most of his days off in Macau working in various artistic collaborations.
Njo Kong Kie is a composer of dance, opera and theatre. His compositions have been heard in productions of such companies as Nederlands Dans Theater, Ballet National de L'Opera du Rhin, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Singapore Dance Theatre and Ballet BC. His latest works include score for the play Infinity and the Mandarin music theatre Mr. Shi and His Lover.