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Performance of street arts trend, vision and its potentiality


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    Theatre Haddange
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    • - 5. 1. 7:30pm / C
    • - 5. 2. 5:30pm / C
    • - 5. 2. 7:30pm / C
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The magic of Shakespeare’s drama unveiled on urban stage!

Prospero, once a duke of Milan, is forced to settle down on an island with his daughter, Miranda after having been expelled from Milan due to his scheming brother. For the next twelve years, he becomes immersed in magic and conjures up a storm with his magical powers to lure his brother’s vessel to the island. Thus he finally seizes his chance to take his revenge. His magic reaches its full power when he stages a play with the participation of nymphs of the island. As the audience fall deeper into the narrative, they will experience the trials and tribulations of revenge, sweetness of love and finally the universal value of forgiveness.


Theatre Haddangse is a fairly young company boasting a series of awards for best drama, director and acting from domestic theater festivals. Its repertoire includes: The World’s Smallest Frog Prince, Brush Baram, Haddangse, Synchronized, Titus Andronicus, Nangahee the Best, Lord of the Flies, Faust I + II, and The Coat. A succession of such individual pieces was highly appreciated by a wide spectrum of the audience for exploring the company’s endless intellectual curiosity and sensibility in their endeavor to pursue serious aesthetical objectives and concepts in art. Haddangse means “to look up at the sky, to look down on the earth and see the world.” In keeping with its name, the company is working to remain true to the spirit of “advancing forward with unwavering strength to encompass both earth and sky”.