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Official Program

Performance of street arts trend, vision and its potentiality

The Wheel

  • Company/Artist(s)

    Theatre Momggol
  • Website address

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 1. 4:30pm / B Street
    • - 5. 2. 2:30pm / B Street
    • - 5. 3. 5:30pm / B Street
  • Genre

    itinerant performance
  • Running time

  • Cast and staff


The gigantic beast of the city, takes over the street!


The most tyrannical circus with the machines and humans that anyone has ever imagined is released in the hectic city, suggesting the most ravishing experience. The wheels and tires are taking over the streets with the gigantic folk-lift, trained by the outrageous tamers.

Mujimagjis, the wildest tamers are introducing the beasts of the urban cities to the people around them. With no excuses or no kindnesses on taming them, the tamers are showing off that they are able to train anything in the city; object, animal, and even humans! There have been no such beasts that the tamers ever fail to tame. Standing on its hind legs, taking people on its back, and lifting-up people with its long nose, it is such a spectacular show of the beasts that no one can loosen up a moment.


‘Theatre Momggol’ is a Physical Theatre Company established in year 2002, focusing on bringing unforgettable life memories and experiences into public spaces as a stage, using human body as a main object. It actively utilizes the space of streets and thereby tells the forgotten histories of public spaces and stories from lives of alienated people. Along with the works of Theatre Momggol, one of the affiliated organizations, ‘Momggol Imagination School’ is working with the theatre for developing art education program and project along with community; ‘GGol Culture’ is made as a cultural organization for art planning and festival operation.