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Performance of street arts trend, vision and its potentiality

Camino de Ansan2016

  • Company/Artist(s)

    Committee for Development of Camino de Ansan
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  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 7. 13:00 / Place specific performance
    • - 5. 8. 13:00 / Place specific performance
  • Genre

    Play, performance, installation, specifi
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  • Cast and staff

    greenpig Director_Hansol Yoon, Sound_Kyunghyun Min actor_Donghyun Kwak, Yoonhee Kim, Hyoyoung Kim, Keunyoung Park, Kiwon Park, Haneul Park Dongyoung Lee, Yojin Lee, Jungho Lee, Junghee Lim, Yangah Jeong, Kyounghoon choi, Moonseok Choi, Assistant director Hyeonji Park diana band Won Jung Shin, Dooho Yi Movement Dang Dang Hyunah Kim, Minjung Kim, Taekki Kwon, Eunjoo Han, Youme Jung, Junghyun Choi, Kwanghyun Ma, Jaeyoung Seo, Jaemin Lee, Dokyung Lee, Sinsil Lee , Chaeri Won, Hyunkyung Shin, Gyuri Lee, Yongseok Wang Boseon Shim Mokyon Yoo Yanggu Yix Uram Baek zero lab Taehoon Jang, Donghoon Kim, Dohyun Kim fab coop Sooyon Song, Binna Choi Junnosuke Tada Director_Hansol Yoon xecutive ProducerJooyoung Koh Thanks to_DaeDong Book Store, Taehyun Kim


'Camino' thinking while walking the city Ansan with audiences

'Camino de Ansan Project' started on May 2015 after one year of Sewol ferry disaster in 2014, and is the suggestion of artists about the method of remembering and considering the tragedy.

Last year, by linking city 'Ansan' which can be said as compression of Korean modern history and Sewol ferry disaster and bringing up a problem about national system operating from behind, we all were given that we are 'the person directly involved' who live in the same period and structure not just as witnesses.

Now as one year passed again and the stream justifying and pushing oblivion to speed up, intend to newly discover here and there of Ansan by lethargic and powerless individuals to form a procession of pilgrimage and to witness, think, and remember again.



It is a team which people in various fields such as play director, playwriter, installation and performance writer, design group, production group, poet, planner, and etc. gathered, they make Camino de Ansan project together by studying Ansan history and exploring here and there of Ansan. It is planned to proceed a long term project walking Camino which made for the first time this year together with somebody who remember every spring.