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Official Program 공식참가작 Unrivaled level of completion and speciality! Street artworks from various countries and diverse genres

낯선 이웃들 | Unknown Neighbors

  • Artist

    크리에이티브 바키&랜터스 씨어터 Creative VaQi&Ranters Theatre
  • Genre

  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. (Fri) 5:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 6. (Sat) 3:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 7. (Sun) 5:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 4. (Thu) 3:00pm / Street
  • Cast and staff

    작가 : 고혁준, 김다흰, 나경민, Deborah Leiser-Moore, Beth Buchannan, 성수연, Adriano Cortese, 이경성, Kayip, 현예솔
    프로듀서 : 이희진
    기획 : 프로듀서그룹 도트
    후원 : Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, City of Port Philip


‘There is a planned city'. A large church, a cultural and arts center, a stadium, a general hospital, a wedding hall, an international conference hall, and an artificial walkway. As if to say that human life and experience can achieve utopia if it goes according to its 'plan'.
Five individuals stand on top of it. Debra, who remembers the father who survived the Holocaust through the Sewol Mission, Beth who arrived in Ansan after a big change in her life, and a place to eat After wandering around this place, I finally go out and starve myself, and I remember Na Gyeong-min, who reminded me of my grandmother's care in childhood, and to make my own theater stage while looking for the gaps in this place. They read this planned place through their private stories and observations, and walk in and out of it. 

About Team

크리에이티브 바키 Creative VaQi

Utilizing diverse art genres like body and objet, media and art, it pursues abundant performance art. Not only theater but crossing street, ground, abandoned building and others are used to have meeting between environment and human being available. Going beyond the significance of a new form, it pursues new spirit and thought together. 

랜터스 씨어터 Ranters Theatre

It is estimated as the most aesthetically radical and positive in the performance circle.  With the topic of ‘human isolation in cities,’ it presented performances at an alternative space and theater.