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무성영화, 집시음악에 취하다 | A Silent film gets tipsy by gypsy music

  • Artist

    신나는섬 Joyful Island
  • Genre

  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. (Fri) 7:30pm / Street
    • - 5. 6. (Sat) 8:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 2. (Tue) 8:00pm / Street
  • Cast and staff


Showing a movie and playing music continue; and it is a reproduction of original screen music. They are played approximately for an hour with gypsy violins, accordions, guitars and various other percussions. These are all enjoyable original melodies

These musical elements along with tense, grandeur, and harmonious expressions intensify the delight of the movies soaked by Buster Keaton’s unusual Slapstick Comedy.

About Team

The band consists of five members playing accordion, gypsy guitar, mandolin, percussion and others. Presenting their mini-album in June 2011, they made their debut. Since after presenting regular album in August 2012, they were designated as Naver Music . They were invited by Buster Keaton’s Silent Movie (1924), (1924) as well as various movie festivals and musical drama festivals.  Currently, they participate in several media and demonstrate their friendly music such as one night two days, more than flowers, Wednesday epicurean life, three meals per day, where do you go, dad? and others.