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Official Program 공식참가작 Unrivaled level of completion and speciality! Street artworks from various countries and diverse genres

안산순례길2017 | Camino de Ansan2017

  • Artist

    안산순례길개척위원회 Committee for Development of Camino de Ansan
  • Genre

  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. (Fri) 1:00pm / Street
    • - 5. 6. (Sat) 1:00pm / Street
  • Cast and staff

    Advanced reservations


Spectators and artists walk together every corner of Ansan for a long time. They refresh us a new city landscape, unfamiliar emotion, and various history. Participating in walking pilgrimage, spectators experience various performance or happenings. Based on the concept of ‘collective realization through bodies’, they recognize the significance of three years since after the Sewol ferry tragedy, the role of the survived and nation.

About Team

This is a multigenre artist collective composed of theatrical people, performance writers, design groups, producing groups, poet, planners and others. It was organized prior to the 2015 project of < Camino de Ansan2015>. As the time goes on with the first and second anniversary of the Sewol ferry tragedy, it extends viewpoints and developed city space, performance media as well as their types. Keeping the trend of collective city pilgrimage and core members, they added new members in terms of its direction and characterization. Particularly, they planned and produced victimized family member of the Sewol ferry, event of keeping memory of the victim, and Danwon High School classrooms and others.