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Opening&Closing Program

Opening Program

Date: 5. 5 (Fri) 8:30pm

Venue: Joongang Station-Ansan Cultural Square (E Site) (*Itinerant)

  • An-nyong2017
  • Creative Group NONI
Initially ask after a person’s health. Greeting like “How Have You Been?” is extended to the questions of peace and safety of our society. Since after 2014 catastrophe of the Sewol ferry, people often say words like “Be Quiet.” Nevertheless, life continues. Then, what is the reality we have to recognize out of the disastrous tragedy of the Sewol ferry? The creative group, NONI seeks to find a seed of life from missing persons of the Sewol ferry.
Indeed, it was those hands of survived students and survivors who rescued survivors of the Sewol ferry. This behavior demonstrates the value of life and its significance. Civil performers play together and now pass over a ball, which symbolizes a fresh life

Closing Program

Date: 5. 7 (Sun) 8:00pm

Venue: D Site

  • TRK#1
  • Nogravity4monks
An acrobat walks over a long rope. A total of 21 lines vibrate at the same time along with guitar, viola, cello, and even 16m high metal cables. Unsupported gestures of an artist in the darkness frequently express fear, anger, solitude, and resistance

Closing Program

Date: 5. 7 (Sun) 8:30pm

Venue: G Street

  • Guilie&Passage : Another Journey
  • Hwarang Art Pyrotechnics & Cie Karnavires
Glorious journey of life and death leaving with pyrotechnics A joint production of Pyro-Theater, completed through the mutual exchange of 2015-2016 Korea-French, a type of parade performance along with actors and spectators. The universal topic of ‘Life and Death’ is expressed with a journey on a passage. Everything is interlocked with and it is a life coexisting with death. This is a new version of Street & Passage played in 2016 Ansan and shows the essence of pyro drama with thrill and deviation.

Closing Program

Date: 5. 7 (Sun) 9:30pm

Venue: E Site

  • Seoul Institute of the Arts&Pungmul Pae(Korean Traditional Percussion Bands)
  • Daedong Yeonhui(Traditional Street Play)
This is the banquet of about 500 farmers’ musical instruments and manners played by the ‘’Arts People Gathering’ and ‘Arts Loving Gathering’ in Seoul Institute of the Arts, following Korean music, feasts, and masked dances. It requires a companion to the open space passing by lonesome and perilous road with the topic of ‘The passage to square’. Walking with one another, people dance with a sense of solidarity by removing the mood of darkness.